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Goku Super Sayan God

Theme by LinksBeat

This is my first theme,this is Goku Super Sayan God from the film Dragon Ball Z : Battle Of Gods.
This theme has :
*Custom icons;
*4 Wallpapers full HD 1920×1080;
*4 Custom sounds.
Download Here

5 thoughts on “Goku Super Sayan God

  1. please create a theme same icons NO sound and its theme would be a “BATTLE OF Z PS3″ Theme with all hi res HD images from the game found on google.com/IMAGES then search ” HD WALLPAPERS BATTLE Z”

  2. in the future, hollow, conceder maken a 50:cent bulletproof/Blood on the sand ps3 HD theme. the only good one on here, is missing images through out it. thanks again

  3. please remove as much sound as possible and remove the saiyanisland.com logo its to visable those things ruin this theme, needs more HD battle of Z images try to use google images , they have what you need, i like it, but huge draw backs though, good first try.

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