Girls of Comics

Theme by socialsuicide

a theme with just a few of my Favorite DC and Marvel girls….. hope you like it if you have any requests feel free to leave a comment i will do my best for you…
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Im not sure how anyone could like these at all. -1 The few that were a little bit acceptable are ruined by the awful ones.

Led Grayson

The concept was good man but unfrotunately most of the images are too stretched (Like wonder Woman, Super/Batgirl…) you did good with the Poison Ivy picture though (dat pose)!

Also I like the icons, they were cool and though fuzzy (and strecthed?) I actually liked (though im no real fan) that the Super logo shows up on the status box (like signing in online, message received etc).
Overall the theme could’ve been good if you had more natural widescreen photos. I give you credit on the effort 😉


Almost all the images are stretched waaaay too much -1.