Freezing Anime Slideshow Pro

Theme by HollowBattousai

Enjoy this slideshow pro version! More theme on the way. 🙂

Credit to : GlowBall – Tools/Guide
Download Here

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: Yeah I also think so, and sony did say since the beginning that they would not change the xmb only do some minor updates that the fans asked for.


Great theme again but they probably won’t update the XMB since Orbis (PS4) should come out in 2014.


yeah this anime is called Freezing, sorry for the late reply everyone, just been a little busy today.


i think its called what the title has on the theme


What’s this anime called ?


@HollowBattousai perhaps it will done…..
to a better xmb fade…..someday
the 2nd intro of beetlejuice is so cool
& careful you don’t want beetlejuice in your house
lol ^_^


: yeah i hope something like that gets done XD


@HollowBattousai yes that would definitely be so cool,just listening to your music & the slideshow,dynamic or animated playing or even slightly faded would be nice,perhaps someday it will be possible


: I was also thinking the same thing, or at least have the xmb slightly fade off if its not in use.


@HollowBattousai slideshow pro,dynamic,animated themes are so cool,i spend alot of time listening
to music & just watching these themes is awesome,i just hope psn updates the xmb so you could temporary remove the xmb screen & just have music playing & the slideshow pro,dynamic,animated themes without the xmb icons


Light: glad you liked the theme 😀 more on the way.


Cool theme man loved freezing the anime keep it coming awesome theme


@ROCKSTAR-HERO17: I’m glad you like my themes and thank you. 😀 I do my best to bring out some great looking themes for everyone to enjoy, I will continue to do my best on all my new themes.


Once again u knock it out of the park u deserve a Grammy for ur amazing themes 🙂


: Thanks you and I agree manga is a lot better.

: Thanks for the support, I’m doing my best to bring some great themes for everyone to enjoy :D, and I agree they go great while listening to music. 🙂


what to say except….awesome
your like one man army of Slideshow pro
themes,i hope you continue making more Slideshow pro because they are really great
especially for listening to music thank you 5/5


Yeah, Freezing. The anime was cool. I like the manga better of course except for that second story arc. Nice icons too +1.