Fairy Tail SD

Theme by SoundOfDarkness

Created by request of Lights_Path. He wanted a Fairy Tail theme with Focus on Natsu and Lisanna and I hope I chose fitting wallpapers. It wasn’t easy finding pics with Lisanna, but there a few. The Icons are all the same, since I still suck at icon creation, but I wanted unique icons.
This is NOT an update, it’s SD only.
Download Here
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Can you make Grey and Juvia together for HD and SD?


lol thanks it’s awesome man really cool nice job the icons i don’t really care about just the pictures 😀


The one available for download right here on ps3-themes.com. Well, the last time I had that problem was over a year ago, didn’t try to make a theme with HD & SD walls since my Supernatural theme.
Since I’m making most themes just for myself I don’t need SD walls on my HD-TV.^^ I upload them here just to share if anyone’s interested.


Weird. What Theme Builder are you using?


because the theme builder somehow always screws up when i try to make a hd/sd theme. most of my tries ended with distorted sd pics on hd screens. that’s why my themes are usually hd only, sd versions are done by request.


Why not just build the theme with both HD and SD in one theme?