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Dragon Ball Animated

Theme by charli_el_

This theme is a request of an user of YouTube. He said that he would like to see a theme of Dragon Ball with a YouTube video (Super Saiyan 2 Gohan: Full Power, by moxie2D) that he would like to see converted in a theme.

I left the watermark on the bottom right of the background ’cause it isn’t mine and I don’t want to take anything away from the author.

The icons are from “Dragon Ball Z Dynamic” (by Jaydee1003) and from another theme from the same author. I know that the icons are slightly larger than the normal icons.
Download Here



18 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Animated

  1. good job. do you mind making more anime types of themes like animated ones. i read your comment and i know you dont watch anime but some other anime animated themes are not as good till i saw this. please make a naruto, fairytail, sword art online, code geass, death note, hunter x hunter, full metal alchemist and others please.

  2. @terry: This is the best quality that I can reach. I mean, the video of this background has the same quality, so I can’t do anything with that.

    @ALEX: Can you download the theme? Is your TV SD or HD?

  3. please make an HD theme, mabey for the new bluray release of DBZ? this theme kinda looks bad in HD all themes that GIF look bad in HD, Same for smoke and rain effects

  4. you should maybe change it or make another where instead of those green balls use the dragonballs with custom items inside

  5. I have a request since i am no good at making dynamic themes…is it possible you could make a Majin Vegeta dynamic? been lookin for one for months

  6. @charli_el_ But then wouldn’t ps3 themes lose this community and free sharing? I like it the way it is 😀

  7. @Sephiroth__23: Thanks! Yes, unfortunately, most of the themes of PSN are rubbish and you need to pay for it ¬¬ If all the themes of PS3-Themes were on PS Store it would we awesome.

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