Death Note: Amane Misa Pro

Theme by HollowBattousai

As requested, a theme for Misa Amane, took awhile since I had to re-size and clean up the backgrounds (not an easy task). This theme comes with 7 backgrounds that should work on HD and SD displays. Thanks to GlowBall for the tools used on this theme!
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make it 30 now im a huge death note fan light yagami u was doing the rite thing criminals deserve to die no matter how small the crime they deserved death


: Some one probably didn’t like it.


-1 why?


: sorry for the late reply, I just moved to a new house. I was thinking on making regular themes again with HD and SD backgrounds. I will remake a few themes and add HD and SD backgrounds like the old days.

: sorry that its taking long on your theme, like I said I just moved and right now my internet sucks, I had 7 mbps and now I got downgraded to 1.5 mbps and it takes forever to upload. T_T I might change provider since I don’t see Verison adding Fios on my area anytime soon. πŸ™


can u please not make the themes as a slide show


I’m So Glad To Hear That! Thank You So Much! I’ll Be Looking Forward To Both Them Themes!


: thank you, as for your gaara theme I’ll be working on it next week, I fell behind on all my themes due to my job, I was supposed to have this week off but I got called in to work >_> lol. I’ll try to get started on your theme this weekend and have it done by the end of the week. I’m also finishing a Tsunade Theme which was requested a while a ago.


Awesome Theme Bro. Not Sure If You Remember My Username Or Not But I’m The One Who Asked You To Create A Gaara Theme Back In October 2012. I’m Curious If You Still Plan On Making It Or Not.. Sorry If I Seem To Be A Bug ^_^” … Oh And Why I Capitalize Every 1st Letter In Every Word I Type… I Don’t Know Why xD I Only Do It On Ps3


: man that sucks πŸ™
no problem glad you liked it πŸ˜€


: Uh, I liked Death Note! Unfortunately, here in Italy, every time they started a series, then they never aired all the episodes… πŸ™
So, thanks for the theme, mate! +1 πŸ˜€


@Otakugod : I agree πŸ˜€




iLuvmisacampo<3: No problem πŸ˜€

AUDIODEVIANT: I'm glad you liked it, thanks πŸ˜€


sweet .. i like this one a lot +1 buddy top notch


Thanks ! πŸ™‚