DDR’s PS3 Touhou Theme v1

Theme by DDRMANIAC007

This is the first version of my Touhou theme! Icons and sounds copied from Sai’s theme.

This theme features a full 16 backgrounds, in HD and SD!

Download Here

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Out of curiosity, there wouldn’t happen to be a newer version of this without the sfx being so loud, would there? About 30-50% of the current volume level would be nice.


Where’d you get the background that has Remilia Scarlet with her panties stolen by Flandre?

Where they’re fighting by a clock tower, I so badly want that as a seperate wallpaper (TT_TT)

rusty shackelford

shricking frawesome theme!

The Taco

Awesome theme. I love touhou!


No comments? 🙁