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Darker Than Black

Theme by Madgod

16 HD and SD wallpapers. Theme based on the anime ‘Darker than Black, and focuses mostly on the main character ‘Hei.’
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4 thoughts on “Darker Than Black

  1. Ah, now that’s a far better point for another color. Yes Marvin, I see where you’re coming from, perhaps blue would work well. Hm, maybe later I will redo the icons and make a blue version of this theme. Yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dark purple only relates to it because the color of the stripe on his mask. I cant think of any other relation. By that principle, green relates to it just as much. Green is the color inside Hei’s trenchcoat. He basically wears black and green. It fits better than purple, IMO – though purple is my personal favorite color.

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