Cube × Cursed × Curious: Configuration Curse Calling

Theme by Senya Saigyouji

The first episode is highly misleading and (mostly) nothing like the rest of the animu, so don’t be so quick to drop it. Or not, your choice.

Theme-wise, it seems that icons blocking a character’s face in the backgrounds is a running gag throughout my themes. I’m still not going to do anything about it though. Anyway, special thanks to a certain someone for beating me at being the first to upload a C³ theme, thus giving me some much-needed competition/motivation, and indirectly being responsible for me getting my own 8 month-old project out of its hiatus status.

What you see now’s the result of two days and two sleepless night’s worth of caffeine-filled blood, sweat, and fears’ work on (my pirated copy) Photoshop.

Enjoy…? And remember: I’ll curse you! (If you do happen to enjoy.) ~ Yours Truly

13 backgrounds, HD only. No sound effects, yet again.
Download Here

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