Code Geass Theme v1.4 None HD

Theme by darkmvr

Originaly created by Madgot i remade the theme for people who dont have an HD television as for the HD wallpapers wont work on them.

So i remade it for those people who still have older televisions, the wallpapers arent also the same as in the original version.
Download Here

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Sesshoumaru (Madgod)

Wow I didnt even know my Code Geass theme had a problem with SD tvs… Bit late to update it now though, duplicates will make things a bit confusion since you cant edit theme posts with new versions, you have to post a whole new one. Glad to see someone liked it enough to take the time to redo it for SD though. But it is odd, I actually do use the theme personally still, on my SD tv. I never had any problems with it. Though this theme has been updated like 3 times from me I think, on… Read more »