Ultimate Racing Ps3 Theme

Theme by xdarkgeox

release of my xdarkgeox Ultimate Racing PS3 Theme

theme includes:
10 backgrounds for sd and hd
3 custom click sounds

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like this alot great job!


geeeaaah,nigga! great theme yo


Hi xdarkgeox.
I wonder if u can make a GT5 theme Mail me and i give you good quality pictures from GT5 so you can make a theme about it. I got the Jaguar XJ13, Forgt GT40, and the Alfa Guilla. These cars value are over 15 million each. And I also got many modern expensive cars like SLS AMG, Zonda R , 458 Italia and many many more. so mail me if you want the pictures.

my mail is deniz_duman@live.nl and Duman079 is my PSN

All* Drift Team