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11 thoughts on “Lamborghini Reventón #2

  1. Please make a theme for the new Lamborghini Aventador!!!! This theme is great (minus the annoying sound) and i think you could do a great job on one of the new Aventador.

  2. Addzi:

    how do you use this ? ;p

    use a USB create a folder PS3 (all capitals) inside that folder create another names THEME (all capitals) copy the themes you donload into this THEME folder and then plug into your PS3. Go to system settings and change the theme. You have to install the theme forst but that litrally only takes a second.

  3. I Removed Sounds Of Lamborghini Theme 2 Much Of A Hassle, next Theme Is Going to be a Koenigsegg Agera R

  4. Thanks, I’m thinking a CCX for my next theme.
    I’ll Fix that sound make it not so high pitched and irretating

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