GT3/SUPER GT for TheLoneWolf989

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Hey, mate!
When we spoke about race cars, you gave me an idea and I made this theme for you…
So I completely remade the main icons by drawing new tires, but this time I also drew alloy wheels in different colors (as you can see, I like RAYS ones 😛 ) plus brake discs with calipers, in order to make icons more complete.
As for the secondary icons, I decided to keep them simple, but I drew them in carbon look.

The theme contains:
-11 HD/SD backgrounds
-Handmade icons
-No sounds

Hope you’ll like it! 😀
Download Here

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& JayDee1003

=> TheLoneWolf989: Oh, I see…
Well, don’t get lost, my friend 😉

=> JayDee1003: Too bad, I miss your themes 🙁 But you obviously have other important things to do.
Well, I’m not in full swing as I’d like, but I feel quite good for now… Thanks a lot, my friend! 😀


no not at the moment .. ive been really busy with school work but i do have a theme planned i want to make a futurama theme whenever i get free time 🙂 btw its nice to see that you’re healthy and better than before 😀


I check back now and again when i’m not busy so I see most of the themes. The reason I don’t come to the site much is because I haven’t seen many themes that i’m actually interested in.


& TheLoneWolf989

=> JayDee1003: Thanks a lot, my friend! 😀
Hey, now that you’re back… are you working on something?

=> TheLoneWolf989: Hey, my friend!
You know, I was afraid you didn’t have a chance to see this theme…
But you did it, and that’s enough for me!
Glad you liked it, and thanks a lot! 😀


Cheers for the theme mate and I can see every bit of effort that you’ve put into this theme 😀 shame I can only give 1 like


nice +1 🙂


: LOL! Thanks bro! 😀


awesome icons my man , there a real treat !! +1