Fighter Jets HD

Theme by Mr.Fussy

Theme contains 12 HD pictures of various fighter jets, subtle icons were used to allow the photographs to be seen properly.

Icons By Unknown
Download Here

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Hey baddad01,
thanks for the complement on my theme man it’s very much appreciated, I normally don’t make fake pictures because I prefer the real thing but I’ll look into collecting some images on the topic you mention and see if I can come up with something. I love low flying jets too man and just the other day on YouTube I saw an Argentinian pilot skim over the ground at 1.5 meters, lowest I’ve sever seen 🙂


real badass great theme Mr. Fussy, could u do more of these jet themes, please. I was wondering if you could make or get a pic of a jet flying low over the water and have a giant rooster tail coming out of water, that would be a awesome picture to put in a jet theme, or have different jets flying low over water with the rooster tail afterwards all in a theme. You could call it jets rooster tails. Thanks and keep flying high.