Aston Martin One 77

Theme by AdyP

A PS 3 theme of one of the most beautiful looking cars on the planet, The Aston Martin One 77. WOW is all I have to say!

All my own design on icons and images.

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New version with all the new Icons is uploaded and waiting for the Mods to update it for me, many thanks to OPTIMUS for his help…………..cheers mate!


Cheers for the feed back, I like your work, I really like they way you put a personal touch to your icons. I have really started to concentrate on my icon work to make it a complete theme package, rather than a background pic with the normal PS3 or someone elses icons.

Cheers again and keep up the good work.


your themes are GOOD EXAMPLES of WELL PUT TOGETHER THEMES!! unlike other themes on here who have nice wallpaper but the ugliest icons lol. check out my themes, search: JimmWest


Please leave comments as I am always looking for tips on how to improve my work.

Many thanks.