Young Beauties v.01

Theme by Lanes8

This theme contains 16 HD and 16 SD images of Young Beauties either wearing lingerie or street clothes.

I have provided the names of the models on the corners and is off from the corner so whoever has a TV with a zoom setting can see the names better.

I’d appreciate some feedback on this theme and maybe future of this series.
Download Here

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No problem, I appreciate your feedback. I got the images from a wallpaper site and I sorted by most favorite, but I’ll do a little more comparison for the next one. Thanks again for your feedback.


I really love this theme and this is one of the best themes that i’ve ever seen on here. And by the way, can you do a theme featuring pretty cheerleaders for me please? I sure do appreciate it


I had to give a -1 on this. Too many regular and below average chicks. That Ashley Valenzuela is something special though. More chicks like her.