(Unofficial) PS3-Themes.com PROMO-Dynamic

Theme by Devilush

I was bored so I threw together this custom dynamic theme to show my appreciation for this website.

Visit my http://devilushninja.deviantart.com/ for more custom themes and wallpapers.

(CREDIT : xmb Icons by Dustin McCloud-Ps3 Smashed Theme-@PS3-Themes.com)
Download Here

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nice theme for just a throw together. making these themes take time. or there would be thousands in here by now. i kinda agree with the rest. but this time do it because we want you to. we are asking nicely. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze.


looks good but i cant see it because iv got the yellow light of death πŸ™


u gotta man this themes hot


its a real good theme but i’m requesting it 2 lol.


this is nice but it could have a little more on it ‘;_


this theme is just perfect like it is in my opinion πŸ™‚


Well i’m requesting it. This site deserves a strong advertisment for FREE themes


I know how the dynamic background works….Like I said I was bored and didn’t spend too much time creating it.I may update if there is a strong request from the community to do so…otherwise I am done with this theme.


Not a bad effort fella πŸ™‚

Why not update and repeat the words or add more for effect.

Here is the order the words come out.

1. Make.Believe
2. Believe That Curiosity
3. is the key
4. to
5. creativity
6. Believe(from 1.)
7. that anything
8. you can
9. imagine
10. you can(from 8.) make real