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This here is the fifth release by my team. We have finaly come up with a static name, “Soulkreigs Themes”, and now we have a blog! If you want our hot themes even before they are released here, then check our blog at . We will soon be accepting commissions!

This theme has 9 custom wallpapers and a fully custom icon set. I also included my usual custom audio set. This will surely get you in the mood for Halloween. ENJOY!


Download Here

Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time
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Yall be trippin. This audio is WAY better than Sony’s.


Thanks for sharing.

now alive dead

sound sucks man


the sound really ruins the theme. kristian’s right


The theme is nice. but those sounds have got to go. they dont even fit the theme. anyways nice theme horrible sounds. repost without them!


Very nice. Good composition and flow. If all your themes are this good, then I’m going to go bookmark your blog now!