Silk Red

Theme by cbabb Design

Silk Red PS3 Theme v1.00 (FINAL)
© 2011 cbabb Design.

Dark red icons over a stainless steel background with ‘PS’ logo.

Note: When you have installed the theme on the PS3, the preview image says ‘Satin Red’. I was deciding on what to name the theme. Unfortunately I loaded the wrong image while building. Please disregard this mistake.

Theme requested by: Ry4n56789
Download Here

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I would really love this theme if if weren’t for the white background. The text is very, very hard to see since its white, and you can’t change that. It strains the eyes. It would’ve been much better had it been black.


One of my favorite themes on here. Its so simple yet elegant and modern. Too bad not a lot of people/gamers here see how good a theme this is. Excellent work! Hope you make more colors of this particular set up!


nice theme could you please make one but with black instead of red? and dark gray instead of white background? would be cool thanks.

chris redfield

it’s really nice,i love the white background.keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for the theme mate I love it
looking forward to more themes from you 😀