[PS3pro Themes] PlayStation 4

Theme by Holland M

Official update to all current PS3 systems. New features include: revamped and redesigned XrossMediaBar and custom built high-gloss icons specifically for the Playstation 4. Moving fluid motion background instead of static wallpaper. Get the full upgrade here.
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Montage Mik

yeah pharaoh read all my comments, i said “icons look like sfere with others pasted on top Didnt say they were & “robbed pinch+sfere icons originally had question mark at the end said IF they were (someone elses work) then that sucks ass ,THIS was in response to “strangemission’s” comments which aren’t here now.. strangely (check your others).
i initially asked how animated baks are made what programs used.?? please tell the world how


There seems to be a lot of confusion about this theme and accusations on me “robbing” content. First of all, don’t listen to the rude outrageous remarks of ONE person who doesn’t like something thousands of other downloads love. A person like that is only winning when negligent strangers come here to download a perfectly great theme and read and believe what he is saying. Next, The “pinch” icons were fully licensed over to me for this theme by the original owner, but none of that technical information is any of your business. As an end-user its what you’re downloading… Read more »

Montage Mik

robbed the sfere icons + pinch icons .
my ps3 animated bak doesnt look like that.
But if thats all he’s done then yeah it suks ass

Montage Mik

so how do you add animated baks ? what theme builder was used?, though the icons look like “sfere” with others pasted on top.