PS3 Slim: Black

Theme by Yogosan

Black version of my previous slim theme, as requested, if something looks “wrong” with the background, then the brightness/contrast setting on your tv is causing this, black is a very sensitive color on most tv’s, theres nothing i can do about it, so adjust the settings if necessary.
Update: Updated icons, and an extra background.
Download Here
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time
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πŸ™ the problem is, 1080p and i think 720p tv’s display all the backgrounds and icons in a set position, but sd tv’s dont, and since i have a 1080p tv i use it as a template for all my themes so i can optimize the HD wallpapers, but not the SD ones.


Shame I need a decent TV to appreciate it =[


you must set your tv to scan, its cutting off all themes, you only notice it on this because of the textt. set your display to scan instead of 16:9. my tv does the same, unfortunatey it goes back to 16:9 by itself every now and then


why does it cut the sides of mine off


hello this is me again yogosan


there’s a “scan” thing on my tv that fits the picture, i think its mostly 40″ tv’s that need it, because the add height instead of width the the tv. yours might have it aswell, it might be fixed to the standard 16:9 already. you should check it out because it cuts the sides off the games you play aswell


This is awesome! very professional job!
I only had to adjust the HD wallpaper to fit it on my tv screen. you’re icons are the best part of it. Thank you very much for sharing it.


Want to save more money to buy PS3 without selling your games?
An anti piracy patch, huh? I think I’ll die laughing… πŸ˜›


no not yet, im gonna have to dip into my saving i think. apparently theres a new patch out on 360 that disables the hacks so all the piraters are gonna be pissed. πŸ˜›