Manhattan Dynamic Theme

Theme by xdarkgeox

Manhattan Dynamic Theme is about a view of Manhattan

Note: Few Icons are Missing

Theme by xdarkgeox
Icons by Street_Magic
Requested by The Cult of Personality (Close Friend)
Download Here


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Amazing theme!!! 10/10 if you take suggestions can you do The Las Vegas Strip plz no rush thanks !


I like your themes but the pointer is impossible.


@wesker007 srry i cant make theme i dont have my computer right now but i will make it when i got the chance to and as for the bowser the point icon is a little off but not a huge difference


I was checking to see if you would make the theme I requested and I guess there’s something wrong with the theme you made browser? It works fine for me. It could be updates the person needs for the PS3 for the browser. But it works fine for me. Test it again I guess.


: Sorry i didnt know about that that the bowser icons had that issue i pick them because i usually use my pc to download themes and i wasent aware of this issue and for the name i dont know WTF is wrong with that because it wasent like that when i made it


you should use a different source in future for your icons, because the mouse pointer on these is a mile off target, to the point where I cannot use your themes as I use the browser regularly, Also why do your themes have no name in the ps3 menu?


Good Job +1. Can you do a Boston Massachusetts dynamic theme please? No Rush Thanks