Graffiti (2.41)

Theme by Sony

i liked sony’s official graffiti theme, so i decided to update it into 2.4 compatibility myself. i tried my best to create the trophy icon, playlist icon, etc etc by peicing it together from the existing icons. contact me if you can do a better job and would like the make this better
Download Here

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Montage Mik

also added graffiti montage 2.42 + 9 new baks + improved new icons, a while ago

Montage MIK

HAVE POSTED “GRAFFITI MONTAGE 2.41” TODAY its YOUR THEME BUT 3 BACKGROUNDS HD+SD (changed “setting item” icon to a spray can) its a pain adding new baks to .41 themes isnt it?


you forgot the other backrounds that were included in the official theme


great job men 5 *