Umbra (Light)

Theme by Luke

Umbra (Light)
-Light Icon set for dark backgrounds
-HD&SD support
-Multiple backgrounds
-Icons: Token Icon Set by ~brsev
-Icons (XMB): Devine Icon Set (Gaia) by ~ipapun

My first theme, just wanted something a little more unique looking instead of the same old boring XMB.
Download Here

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Really nice dude!


Okay, Ive actually changed a few more things too, the notification bubble for example now also has a token light look, (I used the SD card icon and removed the vertical line on it) I still have a few things to tweak before I upload it but when I do I’ll post the link.


for sure man, go right ahead! when I first made this theme I had used the regular corresponding icons from the same icon set, but decided to go a little different with the XMB(9) at the last minute. So no worries I completely understand. In fact I’m working on fixing a few ‘wonky’ looking icons from someone someone else’s theme for personal use atm. 😉


I have a version of your theme that I edited for personal use, Its mostly the same except I used different horizontal (9) icons that I felt better matched the XMB, and a few more HD wallpapers. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE this theme I just wanted to personalize it. I wanted to ask if I could upload it, I will of course give you credit for creating the original.


As much as i love Custom Dynamic Themes, simple themes like this still impress the hell out of me, so cheers man 😉


I see thanks for the response I was like wth my tv is dying on me ^_~


– multiple backgrounds, if you dont want the background to switch on ya, and you want that black background all the time, download the ‘dark wood’ wallpaper from ‘deviantart’ and set that as your background


cool theme but when i quit a game its no more silver its more like brown the background i mean. a Bug?

Warrior of light

Really cool man vary detailed theme i love it can you do anime themes too?