Theme by Selec1

My first theme ever made, lol. This theme has EVERY icon changed. This theme has custom click sounds.

Theme has 3 HD and SD wallpapers that match perfectly with the icons.


BUUF-ish created with the BUUF icons.
BUUF icons (and more) can be found at: http://Mattahan.deviantart.com

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Name (required)chris

buuf! Like my Jailbroken iPhone! Love it. awesome work.


Hi, I am a 1st time ps3 owner and I fell in love with this theme but can’t quite figure out how to download and get it into my ps3. πŸ™ Can someone please help. Thanks!!


Lol, i’ll change the Trophy icon for you guys πŸ˜‰

Glad you enjoy the rest of the theme.

About the sounds; i found them on the internet after a long long search and allot of listening. Google is youre friend (or enemy) in this case.


Derek’s right, that trophy icon’s a piece of shit πŸ™‚


luv the sounds u gotta tell me wat programs u use to make these sounds…imma use these sounds 4 future themes, i shout u out


I really like this theme (both with sound and no sound) but the one icon I don’t like is the Trophy Icon which is a turd lol. Any possible chance to have a trophy in icon in your styling.