Blue Cobalt Steel

Theme by CLD_Hero

This is my first theme I’ve ever made, it took me about 8 hours to make because i made each icon by scratch. Please give me some feedback on what i can improve on. Otherwise, Enjoy.
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Thanks Im currently brainstorming ideas for a second.


great 1st go,,love the icons ,,keep up the good work,,thanks


Thanks for such a detailed constructive criticism. I made the icon by creating the basic shape and pasting a control layer style to each icon. As for powersaves and minis…Im afraid I don’t know what those are.


Nice theme mate, the icons are very cool and have a very original look to them, and i can see the detail and hard work in each icon. I spent more than 8 hours on my first theme, but thats because I literally made each icon from photos i took of my comic books, it looks like you may be able to make icons like this quicker by using actions/scripts in photoshop/paint shop pro, because even though all the icons are different you seem to have rendered them all similarly. The only thing I might change is try editing the… Read more »