Sunset Illusion Animated

Theme by Faxtron

Enjoy πŸ™‚
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mr. ace

i love the style of the letters but why it had to be so fast?


: Heeey… thanks a lot, my friend!
I’m sooo glad to see you here again!!! πŸ˜€


Actually if anything, it’s a bit too fast. Like frame rate wise. Seems the water is moving faster then naturally would. Besides that, great theme. Wish I could work on themes again, have not gotten the programs on my laptop after my pc crashed. Work & girlfriend take up all my time now. I’ll be here now & then to comment on the better themes. And to rip apart the crap (have not seen much. Guys on here are real good).

OPTIMUS- Take care man! Always nice to see you’re still around.


can somone please make a whitechapel theme???:)its one of my favourite bands THAAAANK YOU!!!:]


: Thanks… you can count on it: I couldn’t make any animated theme without your precious support πŸ˜€

Be prepared πŸ˜›


You know my friend take all the time you need and as I said if you need assistance in the animation I will help you like before, only give me the instructions of what you want went you be ready.


: Lol! I always been here commenting themes, my friend πŸ˜›

About the “crazy project”: Well, nothing too complicated actually…
It’s a simple idea I had few time ago about a theme based on an old school game. Only problem is it will take quite long because, as you know, I’m forced to draw everything using the left hand πŸ™

Anyway, I’m planning how to realize the theme, at the moment, so… stay tuned my friend! πŸ˜€


Oh he gets better than good and now great!! Keep it up Faxtron


this isnt twitter or fb, pple.


Nice to read you again mate and thanks, for me is very important your veredict and comment about this theme because you are a hard critic here in PS3-Themes. So if you like it is that this crazy concept on this theme to make it different was a good idea after all. Thanks for you opinion.


Awesome work man! Me likey!

Oh & hello to all, long time no see


Ohh man nice to read you again mate and thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it.

About another “crazy proyect” yes man as I said always is a pleasure for me to be part of your themes. If you need me to create another great theme not hesitate to ask. As you can see this theme is one of those themes that have some crazy idea injected making it different πŸ™‚


: Oh man… that’s superb!!!
I reeeaaally like it (and I’m waiting for the “moon” version!)
You deserve a BIG +1! πŸ˜€

[BTW: tell me, friend… are you ready for another “crazy project”? πŸ˜‰ ]


Great theme i love it it would be absolutely great if the water and the trees were a little more natural. But over all its a great theme +1


Is already done here is the preview :

Hope you like it πŸ™‚ In a few days will be up in this site.


i like it! would be cool if you did a moon one as well…


At the moment the only way to do this is following the Glowball tutorial and using photoshop and the rest of the tools provided in the tutorial.


Faxtron is there an easy way to this video loop themes, i really want to create themes like this but i dont have any background in photoshop or coding whatsoever, if theres a generator that makes themes like this sighhhh


it should of been slower


BTW is like some people do to change the coldboot (Boot Logo) of the console you need to grab the file decript it, edit it, encript it again and then put it back in the console.


uLtRaMa6nEt1c No man you have to decript one file first, then extract the content to get the icon to edit and once you edit the file you can put it back to see the new one. Long time I don’t do that but as I know is the only way. That the reason you need full control of the console to conect via FTP or using a file manager to get the file you need to edit and for that you need a CFW for now. πŸ™ I think Sony can make an update to the firm to add the… Read more »


Is there an XML ID for the ‘unchangeable’ icons on CFW? I always thought that was the missing element.


@Faxtron Right, I hear ya. I always preferred slower animations. For example, im more of your “River Animated” type of person. Nevertheless, the home page feels very “professional” when you see the name Faxtron, or OPTIMUS or any other big theme creator. I am confident that many people here agree to that, your themes are top quality. And that’s where I am aiming with my newest theme, which Im currently waiting for it to be uploaded. I believe it might be my best one yet, let’s wait and see. Also, thanks for the reply on the PSN icon, but I… Read more »




@ӍąĴƐϨŦĩ₡ & ultrama6net1c Thanks for the fedback πŸ™‚ @DemiGod7 Well my friend you are right the animation is a little bit fast I have done this on purpose give a different touch on this one. I know this effect is not for all people taste thanks for your opinion,sincerety and comment about it. But don’t worry, leave some new themes yesterday. πŸ™‚ Hope you like it one. About the PSN icon you can’t paint or change the PSN icon for the official firmware, but using a CFW on your console you can do it. Is the only way for now.… Read more »



Thanks πŸ™‚


Some more tranquil themes. Nice +1


Very nice as always man. A bit too fast for my taste, but solid work nonetheless. I see themes on as good as this on PSN and they are not free.
Hmm, by the way, how were you able to paint the PSN icon? As far as I know we cannot edit it?