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14 thoughts on “Starry Night Dynamic

  1. And faxtron, dude you are my favorite artist here! Im glad I checked back here because I would be missing out! I love them space themes man. *Gives a +1*

  2. Hey can someone instruct me on how to pm? Can someone send me a pm on how to send a message? I am a noob because I haven’t been here in forever!

  3. theres only one problem with the ghosts and zelda theme, whenever i look at them it makes me remember all those times i drank too much booze and the whole room would spin, lol.

    probably because my tv is to the left and thats the way the room would spin when i lay on my bed.

    your playing with my mind faxtron.


  4. Great job Faxtron the only problem home I noticed that the stars are blending through the grass as they are going through it’s formation. I liked it though.

  5. awsome, i have my bg lighting set to ‘normal’ the shadow of the tree is perfect and i LOVE the optical effect, very creative. everything fits well,
    thank you for the upload!

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