Moon Animated

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Moon Animated with custom icons and original sounds. For the best experience possible use on this theme the background brightness -3. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — “-3?. Like always for free I recomend to play with the brighness because some themes looks better with different brightness settings.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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could you make an eclipse dynamic theme your work is amazing




Just downloaded hope I have time 2 reply


Well you are right I think some people give the -1 for that reason but is all that I can do for now with I have. You know I’m working hard in all my themes but I have some limitations right now with the tools I use for create this class of themes. Im working in a new way to do it but is more hard to do it because I have to create the models/ actors in a 3d software with some limitation too in the mb I can use. Even I have to create the jps and the… Read more »


ITS!!!!!! ME KENTREL_50150 ya im out hear thats A HOT PIC:)


They probably disliked it because the animations laggy but i don’t think it could get much smoother could it? Or could it? wouldn’t it take forever




Then you know what your next theme should be now? Floating boobs.. in.. SPACE.. and they uh are.. in the MILITARY! IN SPACE! lol

Actually I think a lot of it just has to do with being the theme showing on the top of the page, quick easy access for them I guess.

btw it’s a nice theme, not that it needed to be said 😛


He,he,he… I agree with that.


Remove the -1 buttons! @#%ing trolls lol

Maybe if everyone starts putting atleast one nipple somewhere in all their themes these porno kiddies will stop giving undeserved -1’s?


Simply breath taking,simply beautiful.


Really nice theme dude,
can you make some more of these type of themes (with a night setting)?


The tutorial is in the forum 🙂


will you ever ever make a tutorial for this themes, im so impressed that i wanted to learn so much


nice themes faxtron..


BTW : This theme was a request for “lisa” Hope you like it 🙂


What can I say someone is “trolling” me. Everytime I upload a theme here appears this “Hater” to give me a -1. Don’t worry, I will continue bringing themes here, those -1 without explanation don’t stop me to make more themes for all here, you know why, because I like it. You know, you can give me the -1 but please explain why you don’t like it, because for the next time I can improve to make it better for all us here. Well if I can improve it 🙂 Thanks to all that comment here “positive or negative” and… Read more »


i didnt meen 2 put smiley face lol


Haters gona hate 😛


Omg finaly i saw this on your channel and iv been waiting 🙂 Its great +1


A dislike already? I guess you can’t please everyone. I like this better than the Sunrise, but I’m a night owl anyway lol.


I was waiting for this. I saw it on your channel. REAL DOPE +1.


This is the best nature dynamic/animated theme really gr8 work!