Tess Taylor Arlington HD & SD slideshow

Theme by Lanes8

Both HD and SD themes contain 14 images each. All images are from Playboy©. All icons have been re-sized to make the images look better.

As stated in another theme, I won’t be accepting any more requests. The reason why, I think it’s time for me to move on to my school and career. It’s been a pleasure making themes for the world to see and there are more themes I need to finish that were requested before my deadline.
Download Here (HD)
Download Here (SD)

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i’m really sorry about the pressure ok & i don’t remember from november but if you say so now i hope the Holly can be done once you can fit in before leaving & but i mispelled her name i’m really sorry & i understand could you just do a Alia Janine theme & Holly ok if you can


Serina; I had said back in November, I’m not familiar with Dynamic themes so I couldn’t do, Arrow, TMNT and I can’t do the Lani Le theme because I can’t find any images of that. As for Ariel Fawn I had that finished but I haven’t submitted it yet and for Holly Marie Combs slideshow I was trying to find the best images for it, but I’ve been real busy so I couldn’t get them on here.



This Serina person is obviously retarded. Still making requests…LOL

didn’t ur momma tell to you to treat a lady with respect lol


not funny, bindaho -_- i asked for it from Lanes since october of 2012 & mind ur own damn business


This Serina person is obviously retarded. Still making requests…LOL


please make my Holly Marie Combs theme geez …

camilo rios

excelent team


dang it Lanes