Suicide Girl Photo shoot

Theme by i2144

Just a sexy little compilation of some of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. This theme comes complete with 16 backgrounds chosen at random each time you turn on your PS3 or re-apply the theme… However they aren’t avaliable for Standard settings, but if I get bugged enough I may re-release this with more standard backgrounds. Thanks for downloading! (Ahem, also if you’re into Super Mario world, check out for the latest updates on Super Mario World War (-~*Tokinsom Fangame*~-)
Download Here

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standard please!!


Have more/sd picture set cuz not all can afford the hd tvs yet


you should support SD cause a lot of people with ps3’s probably still have a SD tv. i kno i am. i love the suicide girls.


Agree with Linkin


Sorry, but i’d much rather like big pictures and no small pictures on black background and i also prefer real icons, and not pictures, because i think the icons should relay to the “menu point”.

Last but not least i’d like girls on my ps3 not “complet naked”… left a bit of fantasy 😉
So girls you are bringing home aren’t scared when you wanna show them a movie on your ps3 ;D

But this is just a personal opinion, I’m sure there are others…