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Nude Girls v.11 (SD version) (Pro Slideshow Dynamic Theme)

Theme by Lanes8

This is the SD version of the same one with the same amount of images and the same ones.

Now I don’t have a SD TV, so if there is something wrong please let me know.

(Note the preview image is no what the SD looks like.)
Download Here

14 thoughts on “Nude Girls v.11 (SD version) (Pro Slideshow Dynamic Theme)

  1. FucK OuTa HerE:

    is all of them censored or is it once you download it it goes away?

    All images on the theme aren’t, but the preview only on this site is, so when it’s on your PS3 you get the full nudity on all images.

  2. Thumbs up, the only thing that was kinda off for me was the first girls hair but it’s nothing major. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. droopysp:

    if this works out well can u leave a tutorial on wat i would have to change to make my slideshows sd

    If it did work out well, all I did was change the images ratio to 1080 to 480 and followed the video provided by Glowball.

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