Male Nude Pink

Theme by radicalTERRA

This is a follow-up to my Male Nude B&W v2 PS3 theme ( I wanted it to be very pink and bubblegum-pop. The icons have been tweaked, as well, in order to have more contrast with the background. I may follow up with even more colors if the demand is sufficient, too. Just ask!
Download Here

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Cool! good stuff Keep it up


Hi. I have a question for anyone really. I have a theme i made but i am unable to get it to generate the .p3t file. I have the XML file but not sure if just wont work on widows vista starter or what but anyways was wondering if someone would be able to generate it for me and post it up. It is an adult theme.

Yeah, no! There is no demand. No need to follow up.



make one normal please