Love4Dream +1

Theme by AngelMessiah

Here’s another of Love4Dream, it has 13 HD BackGrounds. my icons are a bit lacking this time, does anyone know how to make sounds for the themes or where to find some? thanks and enjoy.
Download Here

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Hey AngelMessiah, That DotCody fag is some sort of racist-ass joker. I have noticed on all of the ethnic women themes, he has alot of negative things to say, but not so much for the white women, so no need to pay any attention to that fucker. On a brighter note, if you’re having problems making the dimensions fit for 1080p screens, I’ll help you out. You can add me as a friend on the PS3… EZeKiEL_2517


lol i agree now after i downloaded. sorry


No, I don’t like ugly women. Simple as that. You can keep your butterface, man-jaw, fake breasted bitches.


Clearly he don’t like black women but just ignore him..Don’t dl women you don’t find attractive ..


Not only are both of those “women” absolutely hideous, but, the backgrounds are ridiculously stretched out for 1080i/1080p displays! The only thing appealing about this theme are the two pairs of obviously fake tits.


What the hell does that mean? did the theme install a virus or something? if so, sorry. I don’t know what your getting at with this comment.


My PS3 was diagnosed with AIDS upon installing this theme.