Karla Spice Topless

Theme by Droopysp

Contains 10 wallpapers in both SD and HD of Karla Spice Topless….Also contains my own custom rainbow icons
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I liked this theme a lot THANKS!!


Good for you droopysp, keep it up, try hard not to pinch Karla so skinny she looks anorexic, or pudge her so much she looks like a sexpot munchkin. Those standards look great, it is the conjoined ones IMO, that distract from your works effort. 😉


thanx 4 the comments i also like the icons i made…im gonna start mixing them up conjoined and regular pics!!! More karla topless coming in the future!!!


whole lotta nothing here


yeah the icons are great, way busy walls, I’d just dwn load a better pic hehe naked


Like the custom icon set and that the vertical colors match up with the corresponding horizontal colors, Not to crazy about the conjoined walls, Karla deserves more attention to her finer detail..pick up a free copy of paint_dot_net, and give this woman the attention her eyes beg you to do. Good luck!


I like that you kept the icon set in color, and the vertical match the corresponding horizontals. Kinda busy walls make it hard to navigate, and I’m just a guilty as you for loving the women.. ha ha.. ppl have asked me to keep the walls simple, yet I fail too, have you tried using Paint.Net.. it is free, and will make joining your selection of tasty babes and graphics so much easier and did I mention, ITS FREE! Thanks for an open ear, and good luck.