Jessica Burciaga DX

Theme by Markese L. Jackson
4470-jessicaburciagadx.jpg16 images, regular buttons.
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Yo, this is by far the best theme on this site. thank you for making this man, and if possible, make another, I’m in love with girl.


I wouldn’t bother saying anything about it anymore. I’m not a professional anyway. I’ve never taken the time to research and perfect every step in the theme making process, I don’t care. I make them for my own enjoyment and I put them online in case other people might like them. It’s free so what’s the harm.


You can’t please everyone. I hate when people complain about free stuff. He’s right if you don’t like it delete it brotha. The only pic is the preview pic that’s a little distorted the other pics look awesome on my HD


Just a side note every picture you find on the net isn’t going to be HD or a possible size to stretch in the perfect format or aspect so you may end up with a picture that is slightly stretched or not in perfect clarity (but as a theme creator you may want to use it anyway if it is not severly warped). If you don’t like it do what I do when I download a theme I don’t like, delete it.


Hot girl, but for the love of god, preserve your image’s aspect ratio!


I;m glad people are enjoying it


i love this sexy latina thanks for making this theme


Thanks, I like this one too. One of my favorites out of all the ones I made.


one of my favorite themes