Corinna #2

Theme by Markese

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Ben I’ll put it up on here anyway once I’m done with it, just add me on PSN Kese-Arcade (dash included) and send me your email address and I’ll send it to you as soon it’s done. Shouldn’t be too long, she has a lot of pictures the right size to be altered for a theme.


Markese: Yeah, you certainly don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I would be very happy. I’ve never found a Carrie Underwood theme, and I’m a huge fan. If you do, I could give you my e-mail, and you could send me something when it’s done, so I don’t have to constantly keep checking the site. Just comment on here if that’s what you want to do.


@-.- Ben. Under normal circumstances I don’t do requests. Not that I’m pretentious enough to think that what I’m doing is special but because most people requests stuff I have no interest in or there simply aren’t enough pictures the right size for a theme. I wouldn’t mind doing a Carrie Underwood one though, I’m a bit of a fan myself. @-.-4 I’m not even sure if that’s her real name. She’s a femjoy model and that’s the only name she goes under in those type of pictures. Google Femjoy, it’s basically a site full of tastefully nude photos like… Read more »


wat is corrina full name


Hey, since you do requests, how about a Carrie Underwood theme?


, I actually already did but I never uploaded it (I’ve made a lot of themes for personal friends and usually don’t upload them). I’ll be happy to upload it if you want it.


can you make a megan fox theme?