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Metallica #5

Theme by rustinpeace56

A brand new Metallica with 8 backgrounds name of the theme may show up a “blank theme” in your themes
Download Here

5 thoughts on “Metallica #5

  1. It really annoys me that there is no Metallica theme out there that isn’t just a pic from google (and sometimes really horrible icons) I mean yeah the picture itself looks pretty okay (it’s too “glam-ish” for my taste because of all the sparkles and stuff) but does it make sense for me to download this theme if could also just search for this image in google and set it as a background? I don’t want to shit you but I think it sucks that nobody seems to put much effort in creating a good Met theme I mean technicall this is not a theme it’s just a background

  2. bloody icons would have been nice, there are a few sets of bloody icons out there you might borrow,

    i can see a dynamic in this,

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