Kimetsu no Yaiba – Slideshow Theme

Theme by Iron Dante

If anyone knows the creator of the icons please comment down below because i forgot since i made it a long time ago >.>
Download Here

5 thoughts on “Kimetsu no Yaiba – Slideshow Theme

  1. @nahuel @brucemondaca

    Thank You both so much for downloading and your kind words, it really helps me! n_n

    Muchas gracias a ambos por descargar y sus amables palabras, ¡realmente me ayuda! n_n

  2. @Kiryu Asamiya
    Thank You so much bro! I am really glad you like it, i’ll do my best to make themes worthy of your attention 😉

    Thanks for downloading!

  3. I really like this anime, I could not see it completely but I like the characters, thanks for sharing, this theme goes directly to me PS3 n_n

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